INFORMATION – Flower Beauty Floral Art



Flower Beauty is a Limerick City based flower art studio where we creatively press, preserve and frame flowers, create pressed flower jewelry and accessories. Flower Beauty preserves wedding flowers and arrange them in a frame that will last forever. We design unique pieces from weddings, birthdays, memorials and other occasions. Designed & handcrafted in Limerick, Ireland.



How it Works?

  • The time flower bouquet reaches us it takes around 4 weeks till the flowers will be completely dry. Notice that not all flowers are good to press and some flowers will be not suitable to use in a frame.
  • After flowers are pressed, we are choosing the best flowers that will be suitable to use in a framed composition. Before arranging flowers we will discuss the style of composition, the colour of the paper, frame style and any other relevant information
  • The final result is usually given after 6-8 weeks from the day receiving flowers.
  • Price is 300 euro + extra price for a frame (check frame gallery) and shipping cost. Collection available in Limerick. We are based in Limerick, so it is possible to meet and discuss the details.
  • Deposit of 50 euro is taken on the day of booking the slot. To pay deposit, please go to Deposit section under Wedding Bouquet tab. Pay deposit just after contacting us and booking the slot. You want to be sure that we are available that Day.
  • To place an order, please contact us via contact tab giving us all necessary information (date of the wedding, wedding place, the place bouquet will be shipped)